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UK Music Video Awards 2023: Cinelab Film & Digital sponsor Best Pop Video UK

Cinelab Film & Digital announce that they will partner with the UK Music Video Awards 2023 for the third year in succession by sponsoring the award for Best Pop Video UK.

"Cinelab are proud to continue our support the UKMVAs in their mission to champion and celebrate incredible work," says says Adrian Bull, CEO of Cinelab Film & Digital.

"Cinelab have supported th­e production teams on over 200 music videos in the past year alone. Working with wide variety of filmmakers, shooting digitally, or on 35mm, 16mm or even S8mm film. These short form projects often contain some of the most creative and inspiring work I see each year."

The announcement comes as first round judging at this year's UK Music Video Awards enters its final week for most categories, while judging in the Individual and Company categories has just opened.

Voters who are judging categories deciding best video by music genre - including Best Pop Video UK -, technical achievement, special visual project and live must deliver their first round scores by 5pm next Wednesday, 6th September. Meanwhile, voting is now open for Individual and Company awards until 18th September.

Panels will begin to meet for final judging on most categories for this year's UKMVAs on Monday, September 11th. The announcement of nominations for this year's awards will take place at the UKMVAs nomination party in late September.

The UK Music Video Awards ceremony will take place for the second year running at Magazine London, near the O2 Arena in London, on Thursday, October 26th 2023.

• UK Music Video Awards 2023 website


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