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Film & Digital Dailies

Film and Digital Dailies

Shooting film, digital or both? Our dailies labs can handle any format.

Cinelab provide a bespoke film and digital dailies lab service tailored to the scale and requirements of your project. Our team of technical postproduction specialists offer complete workflows solutions for film, digital and hybrid productions. 

Film Dailies

Full lab serviced film dailies with next day delivery. Rushes processing, scanning and dailies colour. Calibrated to your needs and provided to your specification. Complete with a full lab and scanning report, prepared by our experienced rushes team.

Cinelab Film & Digital is the UK’s leading full-service film laboratory. Processing and scanning all colour negative motion picture film formats: S8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm. 

The Lab

Our skilled film laboratory specialists are committed to providing exceptional quality photochemical services. Cinelab offer a full range of laboratory services, including film assembly, preparation, and ultrasonic cleaning. Cinelab process both colour and black & white negative film. We offer push/pull processing, blech by-pass and other photochemical processes if required.

Find out more about Cinelab’s Film Laboratory & Processing Services.  

Film Scanning Services

​Our wide range of scanners combined with our expert team of film technicians, allows us to offer industry leading film scanning options across all formats.

Cinelab’s dailies service provides scans to your required specifications. Solutions are tailored to the individual requirement of every project.

Find out more about Cinelab’s Film Scanning Options.

Dailies Colour

The talent and experience of our colour grading team, coupled with cutting edge technology, means Cinelab are trusted by the world's leading directors and cinematographers to provide the creative and technical expertise to bring their visions to life. 

Find out more about Cinelab’s Colour Grading & Colour Management


Rushes can be delivered in a variety of formats; We offer both graded and ungraded deliverable options.

Our film dailies service provides the following:

  • High resolution scanned files.

  • Editorial DNX media and bins, delivered digitally to your edit.

  • Sound synched H264, uploaded to your preferred platform (PIX, Moxion, FrameIO).

  • Backups to LTO tapes, hard drives and/or the cloud.

  • Storage for your developed negative throughout production.


Digital Dailies

Our Digital Dailies service provides an overnight processing of your digital rushes, designed to fit your production’s needs.


Cinelab can operate from anywhere in the world and we can be very flexible in how to do this. Digital dailies can be offered based on the following workflow options:


  • Lab Dailies
    Dailies lab is operated from Cinelab.

  • Dailies Near Set
    Dailies lab set-up on location and operated from the location.

  • Dailies Upload
    Raw rushes uploaded from location, operated from Cinelab.

  • Remote Dailies
    Dailies lab set-up on location, operated remotely from Cinelab.


Our digital dailies service provides the following:


  • Editorial DNX media and bins, delivered digitally to your edit.

  • Sound synched H264, uploaded to your preferred platform (PIX, Moxion, FrameIO).

  • Backups to LTO tapes, hard drives and/or the cloud.

  • Storage for one set of LTO throughout production.

Digital Dailies Drop

Cinelab’s ‘Dailies Drop’ service is designed to cater for shortform productions shooting on digital cameras, offering all the support you need in dealing with your rushes on wrap.


Dailies Drop works just like our film service: at the end of your shoot simply arrange drop-off of your media to Cinelab and our experienced and knowledgeable team will take care of the rest. Ensuring rapid dailies creation, prompt editorial delivery and industry approved archiving and validation of all digital media assets.


Dailies Drop can help your short form production by:

  • Creating rushes back-ups. Onto drives, LTO tape, or to the cloud.

  • Transcoding & sound synching material.

  • Delivery of both large RAW files & editorial media to anywhere in the world.

  • Fast, efficient, and secure delivery.


All we need is the media and instructions of what you want achieved and we’ll do the rest for you.

For more information contact us with your project requirements.

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