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DFD (Digital-Film-Digital)

Digital-Film-Digital Services

What is DFD?

DFD stands for 'digital-film-digital'.
It is Cinelab’s analog intermediate process, where we transfer your digital movie file via ARRILASER on to celluloid film. We then process that film and scan it back to digital with an authentic film look applied to the source footage.

Digital-Film-Digital (DFD) // 250D Stock Comparison - 35mm/16mm/8mm
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Why use DFD?

This technique adds real film grain and texture to the digital image. Cinelab’s DFD process has applications across commercials, music videos, episodic TV and feature films. It can be utilised for several purposes:

  • Apply an authentic film look to digitally acquired footage.

  • Bed in VFX shots and make them look more realistic.

  • Unify the look of multiple digital, film, or hybrid shot footage.

Patch Size

We can authentically produce the grain size and look of full frame 35mm, S16mm, or S8mm.

*Anamorphic / 4perf / 3perf / 2perf