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Film Laboratory

Film Laboratory & Processing Services

Cinelab Film & Digital is a leading full service film laboratory, processing all colour negative motion picture film formats - S8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm.  Our skilled film laboratory specialists are committed to providing exceptional quality in all our photochemical services. 

Supporting the revival in shooting on film we provide a quality, consistent and secure service, run day and night shifts for fast turnaround of dailies and editorial rushes, including processing, sound sync, telecine/scanning and electronic delivery of rushes for editorial rushes and online screeners.

Film Workflow Advice/Camera & Film Tests

Film workflow advice, pre-production tests and camera reports provided by our specialist team before your main shoot begins. We do our best to turn around tests (depending on footage) within a working day.

Film Processing/Negative Development

(Day and Night Baths)

The exposed film negative is fully inspected in our darkroom, loaded into light tight magazines and then processed/developed through the ECN2 Photomec film processor, guaranteed for very best quality pictures. 

We do not process Tri-X Reversal or Kodachrome or B&W 8mm/Super 8mm. 

We do not process Fuji Motion Picture Film.

Colour Film Processing

Processing all colour negative motion picture film formats S8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm.

Black & White Film Processing

We process 16mm & 35mm B&W film negative..

Push/Pull Processing

Push and Pull Processing is often used for Creative effects and Technical reasons. 

Pushing Film: Cinelab Film & Digital provides  (+/- 1 stop)

Underexposing film -increases contrast and the appearance of grain

Pulling Film: Cinelab Film & Digital provides  (+/- 1 stop)

Overexposing the film - lowers contrast and the appearance of grain

Film Preparation

An experienced team dedicated to the inspection of film negative and sound elements (damage, breakages, film tears and deterioration) repair and cleaning of assets to ensure best results. 


Film Cleaning 

Ultrasonic film cleaners are unique in their ability to remove residue and surface dirt from the negative. 


Film Deliverables

35mm Film Printing 

Excellent quality combined show prints, answer prints, release prints/IP/IN and mute prints can be provided. 

All film printing via either Model C, BHP or Peterson Wet Gate 


Film Recording/Digital Film Out 

For digital shoots, clients may want to create an authentic film look by recording back to film and rescanning. Our film specialists have huge experience and knowledge in recording to film and handling all differing frame types. Film outs are achieved by utilising the industry leading Arrilaser 2 at up to 4K.  


Film Reels


Film Processing

& Scanning


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