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Video and Audio Tape Digitisation

Video and Audio Tape Digitisation

Cinelab Film & Digital digitises all forms of media, including historical broadcast and domestic video and audio tape formats.

Tapes are transferred to industry standard file formats, creating new deliverable files/digital masters for archiving, editing and distribution requirements.

Video Tape Digitisation

We prepare and digitise most archive video tape formats including D1, D2, D3, D5, HDCam, HDD5, Beta formats, DV formats, 1” B & C, U-Matic, VHS. 


Once digitised we can provide detailed condition reports of content utilising our automated QC tools.  


Latest digital tools for automated and manual restoration of video artefacts to create pristine masters. 


Generation of descriptive metadata Using Al technologies to provide speech to text, optical character recognition, face recognition, object and brand recognition, creating fully searchable content from your master assets.

Audio Tape Digitisation

We prep and digitise most professional and domestic audio tape formats; 24-track, DA88, DAT, DASS, ¼", etc.


Sound Transfers

We have a comprehensive range of sound followers for all 16mm/17.5mm and 35mm magnetic and optical formats and sound negative.  


Latest digital tools for automated and manual restoration of sonic artefacts to create pristine masters. 


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