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Tina Karol 'Scandal' by Indy Hait

Director/DoP Indy Hait directed 'Scandal' the music video for the famous Ukranian Singer/Actress Tina Karol.

An open-ended story, choices to be made after a broken relationship, the viewer can decide their own ending. The Director/DoP shot on Super 16mm.

Production company 7 Kopeks Films are based in Moscow and Kiev.

Indy Hait “I made a performance video that was not dominated by the plot, but by the singer’s personality and her ability to tell a great story in a song. The range of emotions and feelings distinguishes this work from the usual idea of ​​the video. Tina’s songs change people’s lives so much, inspire and create that she is just as honest with her audience,

Super 16mm Processing and Scanning @cinelablondon

Production Company 7 KOPEKS FILMS @7kopeksfilms Director/DOP/Editor Indy Hait @indy.hait EP/Producer/1AD Max Tukanov @max_tukanov Production designer Alex Velichko Choreographer Marina Kusheva @dnndbdhdhdueuk Stylist Olga Revutskaya @olya_revutskaya Makeup Natasha Strilchuk @natastrilchuk Hair Stylist Denis Yarotskiy @yarotskiy_denis Gaffer Leonid Sidorenko @leonidsidor Film Processing & Scanning Cinelab London @cinelablondon Colorist Yerlan Tanaev @yerrekke


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