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Case Study: Moses Boyd - Stranger than Fiction

In/Out the Directing duo’s long-awaited return to music videos was definitely worth waiting for! Their music video for Moses Boyd – ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ is stunning, mesmerising shooting, moving, strobing, bright, white rays of energetic light.

Given a brief of “hyper-musicality” the duo and their Director of Photography Spike Morris spent time in pre-production, experimenting and testing. Shooting on film was crucial to create and capture these images, all visual effects achieved in camera. Shot on S16mm B&W film, using reflective spray and a singular spotlight, creating an extraordinary range of photographic exposures.

In/Out “We pushed the in-camera capabilities of film to visually sculpt the music, etching out the track’s propulsive production wherever possible.”

As experiential Directors and talented Editors they also cut the music video, crafting a film that literally visualises the intensity and energy of how Moses Boyd experiences and feels as he plays music.

In/Out “We wanted to use the materiality of film as an instrument by manipulating shutter speeds, frame rates and exposures. This all helped in building rhythm and punctuation when it came to the edit.”

Cinelab Film & Digital were responsible for Film Processing B&W S16mm, Scanity HDR Scan Once 2K Scans and Deliverables

Music Video Services provided by Cinelab Film & Digital:

  • Camera/Lens/Neg Testing

  • Negative Development S16mm

  • Film Scanning/Telecine

  • Digital Deliverables


Director: In/Out Production Company: Riff Raff Films DOP: Spike Morris Producer: Louisa Plumstead

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Watch Moses Boyd 'Stranger than Fiction'


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