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Raye 'Call On Me' by Sophia Ray & Raye

Hollywood Glamour - A Singing And Dance Spectacular

DoP Thomas English shot on 35mm

Sophia Ray directed with Raye to inspire us all with a music video full of Hollywood Glamour; a singing and dance spectacular, set and style that Busby Berkeley would approve of.

Raye gives us a fantastically fun performance.

Director of Photography Thomas English shot on 35mm film.


Directors: @sophiarayy & @raye

Exec Producer: @maylingjinna

Producer: @cheswick_

Creative Director: @saorlahouston

Commissioner: @semerakhan

PA: @lukaglisa

Production Designer: @lyndonogbourne

Choreographer: @paletacalmquality

Choreo Assist: @kayla_lomas

AD: Tom⁠

Raye Stylist: @shaquillerw

Raye MUA: @beasweetbeauty

Raye Assis MUA:⁠

Raye Hair Stylist: @alexpriceglam

Dancers Stylist: @colinebach

Dancers Glam: @coco.hirani

⁠Focus Puller: @cinesteel

Desk Op: @jamievella01

35mm Film Process & Scanning: @cinelablondon

Edit House: @stitchediting

Colourist: @kingofcurtis

Grading Company: @glassworksvfx


⁠Massive thanks to⁠


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