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Case Study: Chronixx - Cool As The Breeze

Chronixx single 'Cool As The Breeze/Friday' is a cheery homage to his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica.

As is the energetically sunny music video, directed by Meji Alabi, watching it is like being on a mini-vacation and so great to get your groove on too. Director of Photography Jaime Ackroyd shot on 16mm.

Meji Alabi - "The team was so essential in bringing this idea to life. Jaime Ackroyd (the DP) actually brought his old Aaton 16mm film camera with him from London which we shot most of it on besides some of our zooms. Seriously, him and Mike Hannides (1st AC) are incredible. Shooting on film is nerve wracking enough in London, but they just handled it so well considering we were on and off of rooftops and vehicles most of the day in the blazing Kingston heat.

"Thankfully, Cinelab Film & Digital was running a reduced service we just got the film processed as everything was going into lockdown. We really captured some special and amazing images which Matt Newman cut down nicely via Zoom sessions with me and my spotty wifi!”

Cinelab Film & Digital were responsible for 16mm Film Processing, Film Dailies, ‘Scan Once’ Scanity 2K Scans and Deliverables.

Music Video Services provided by Cinelab Film & Digital:

  • Camera/Lens/Neg Testing

  • Negative Development 16mm

  • Film Scanning/Telecine

  • Digital Deliverables


Director: @mejialabi

Prod Co: @JM_FilmsTV

Producer: @J_Adesanya

JA Service Prod: @goddessrockstar

DP @jaimeackroyd

Press Links:


Watch the Music Video - 'Cool As The Breeze' by Chronixx


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