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2024 BAFTA Nominations: Cinelab Supported Projects Recieve Nods Across the Board

BAFTA have announced their nominees for the 2024 awards and the team at Cinelab are incredibly proud to see so many nominations for productions that we have supported. Congratulations to all our shortlisted clients.

Yorgos Lanthimos’ POOR THINGS received an amazing total of eleven nominations, including Best Film, Outstanding British Film, and Cinematography. Lensed by cinematographer Robbie Ryan on 35mm film, with film scanning and film deliverables created by Cinelab.

Bradley Cooper’s MAESTRO has received seven nominations. Lensed by cinematographer Matthew Libatique on 35mm film with processing and scanning by Cinelab.

MAESTRO is shortlisted for the Cinematography gong, with Bradley Cooper receiving nods in both the Leading Actor and Director categories.

Andrew Haigh’s ALL OF US STRANGERS, lensed by cinematographer Jamie Ramsay on 35mm film is up for six awards. Competing for the Outstanding British Film award as well as Best Adapted Screenplay and a Director nod for Andrew Haigh. Cinelab provided film processing and scanning, with dailies colour by Darren Rae.

Emerald Fennell’s SALTBURN gets five nominations including Outstanding British Film.

Lensed by cinematographer Linus Sandgren on 35mm film, Cinelab provided film processing and scanning.

J.A Bayona latest film SOCIETY OF THE SNOW is up for the Film Not in the English Language gong. Lensed by cinematographer Pedro Luque, the film benefitted from Cinelab’s DFD (Digital-Film-Digital) analogue intermediate process. Transferring digitally captured footage to celluloid film and then processing and scanning back to digital, with an authentic film look applied.

The winners will be unveiled on Sunday 18 February at the EE BAFTA Film Awards ceremony.


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