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STRAIGHT 8 SHOOTOUT: The Nature Edition -Global Premiere LIVE Online

18 global companies. 18 cartridges of super 8. no editing or post.

The world’s rawest filmmaking showdown is coming to your screen soon!

Save the Date!

Thursday April 29th - 2pm UK time - LIVE online at


They all took the straight 8 shootout challenge: to make a 2.5 minute short film created entirely in-camera on just one cartridge of super 8mm film. Every shot is taken in story order, with no opportunity for re-takes or editing. Any visual effects, colouring and titling must be done the old-fashioned way: as part of the shoot, with the camera. Super 8 doesn’t record sound, so soundtracks are made ‘blind’ and must be original. Entrants send their exposed but un-developed film cartridges to straight 8 partners Cinelab London who will process and scan the films. straight 8 will then line up each soundtrack with the first frame of the film. It’s that ‘simple’.

Shootout: The Nature Edition is a fitting sequel to The Isolation Edition, which saw the companies entered for the 2020 Cannes shootout competition pivot to lockdown filmmaking and a livestream premiere last June. Companies have been encouraged to interpret the theme loosely - however they wish!

Every film will hit screens all around the world at once, no matter how well, or even if, they have come out! This is not for the fainthearted.

Ed Sayers, straight 8 founder, comments:

“We can’t thank these companies enough for having the loco cojones to put their brand name on the line in this insane way - all for love of craft and truly raw filmmaking. Help us cheer them all on - they deserve it.”

This premiere will be a hosted live stream direct from the screening room at Cinelab London just upstairs from the bath that the films were processed in.

During the stream, right after the films have played all entered companies will cast their vote, not voting for their own film. The winners will get an iconic camera trophy made by shootout partners, Machine Shop, and get to donate prize money to the charity of their choice.

Roberto Borzoni, Head of UK Production Music, Warner Chappell Production Music, comments:

“We’re really excited to be partnering with this competition. We really like the punk aesthetic and creative spirit behind the straight 8 shootout and just the full on fun factor of it. Some real positivity and good vibes that match our ethos.”

Peter Grasse, Mr+Positive, comments:

“Nothing is as thrilling as watching your straight 8 film for the first time alongside your peers and soon-to-be friends. It's a worldwide community of positive people eager to create”.

Adrian Bull, Managing Director, Cinelab London, comments:

“We process hundreds of films each year, from 70mm down to super 8, with recent films including No Time to Die and Wonder Woman 1984, and yet still one of the most exciting projects we are involved with is straight 8. I’m very excited to see the ‘isolation edition’ entries, lots of opportunities for some post-apocalyptic films without the expense of stopping the people, traffic and planes! - But without going anywhere!!”

straight 8 shootout partners are: APA, Cinelab London, No.8, Panavision, Machine Shop, and Warner Chappell Production Music (new for this shootout)


Save the Date: Thursday April 29th - 2pm UK time - LIVE online at


Background to straight 8:

straight 8 began in 1999 when director, Ed Sayers, asked friends to have a go at making a short film on one cartridge of super 8 each - with no waste, at a 1:1 shooting ratio. The films were screened in London’s West End to a packed audience, projecting off Super 8 with audio playing from cassettes.

straight 8 now receives 100-200 entries to its annual open competition, from all over the world and has enjoyed 14 years of premieres at The Cannes Film Festival, plus stints on Channel 4 broadcast TV and has appeared at many festivals. Past entrants include Edgar Wright ( Baby Driver, Shaun of The Dead ), Alice Lowe ( Sightseers, Prevenge ) and many more.

straight 8 is a division of Seven Productions whose recent live streaming work includes: Take That Live with Robbie Williams and Shots Awards The Americas.

Shootout Background:

Since launching straight 8 shootout in 2016 with APA London and Cinelab London, its success has been proven at four Cannes premieres, at Ciclope, and Adfest. straight 8 shootout online #1 took place December 2018 and saw entering companies in USA, Canada, Argentina, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Tokyo tuning in to see their work online at 2pm GMT, which was 6am PST and 11pm in Tokyo. Many top creative companies from around the world have now risen to straight 8’s shootout challenge. See all of the companies who’ve ever entered and the charities who’ve benefited to date, at


APA - The Advertising Producers Association was formed by and represents the interests of production companies, post production, music, sound design, VFX and editing companies making commercials in the UK.

Cinelab London - Offers a full range of laboratory services from colour and B&W

65mm, 35mm, 16mm and 8mm neg processing to 35mm feature film

distribution printing. They support film, commercial and television clients, as

well as content owners who wish to preserve and restore their film and media


Machine Shop - Machine Shop Special Effects provides a range of live

atmospheric and pyrotechnic floor-effects with their reliable and experienced team of technicians. They also offer superior modelmaking and animatronics

services from their team of in-house specialists.

No.8 - No.8 is an award-winning creative sound and vision studio, located in the

heart of London’s Soho. Established in 2019 by Creative Director Jim Allen and

Managing Director Barny Wright, No.8 offers best-in-class multi-disciplinary

services through a single point of contact. Clients are serviced by a dedicated

team across all post disciplines - editing, audio, music, colour grading, VFX, CGI

and animation. They offer a personal, bespoke service to a wide range of clients

across advertising, film and television.

Panavision - Panavision is the leading provider of end-to-end solutions that power the creative vision of filmmakers. Panavision’s comprehensive offerings include unparalleled optics, proprietary camera and lighting systems, and state-of-the-art post production services. Driven by a passion for collaborative filmmaking, Panavision provides the content creation industry with the highest standard of quality service. Panavision’s portfolio includes the renowned brands Panalux, Direct Digital, Island Studios, LEE Filters, and Light Iron.

Warner Chappell Production Music - new - Warner chappell production music, the global music publishing company of warner music group, is home to a wide array of composers and a rich expanding catalogue of 250,000+ library tracks. WCPM has over 35 years of experience, working across all media industries. with our global offices, WCPM offers creative music services including personalised music consulting and bespoke composition to help you find and create the perfect narrative for your project.


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