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Cinelab London Sponsor STRAIGHT 8 and SHOOTOUT competitions for 5th year running

Straight 8 has been challenging fearless creatives to make short films on super 8 since 1999. Cinelab London have loved partnering with them for the last 5 years.

Their challenge is simple yet devilishly hard: make a film on one roll of super 8, editing only with each pull of the trigger.  You send in an original soundtrack that you’ll have created without seeing your film.

We process and scan here at Cinelab London where your super 8 reels will literally share a warm bath with 16mm, 35mm films and 65mm feature film, episodic, commercials and music videos. 

Straight 8 only add a general ‘curve’ - no shot by shot grading. 

They sync your soundtrack to the first frame of picture

Then the first time you see it, is at its premiere!

It’s pure and raw, scary and fun!

The best 25 get public premieres in the straight 8 2021 competition. in SHOOTOUT every film gets played!  Everyone gets a pro-res version of their film and the offer of feedback.

We partner straight 8 for both their global competitions since 2016 and we’d love to see anyone in our community get involved.

Find out all about both:

STRAIGHT 8 2021 is for anyone in the world - see

SHOOTOUT for up to 20 creative companies to compete - see


Ed Sayers


straight 8: one super 8 cartridge no editing since 1999

"After 10 years of premiering the best straight 8 films at Cannes Film Festival, in 2012 we decided to have a fallow year.  that year somehow became three years, and in 2016 it was time to 'do or die'. we needed to find a processing partner and I was introduced to Adrian Bull from Cinelab London. At the very time everyone thought film was dying here was a guy who bought the old bucks lab in Slough. His energy and attitude of cheerful defiance really chimed with me. Adrian was hellbent on doing his bit for the film ecosystem. Since then, the straight 8 and Cinelab London families have got to know each other better and better, Joce Capper is also now at Cinelab London, she has been a massive supporter of straight 8 from its inception. We all know each other well, travelling to festivals and unveiling these celluloid gems that never fail to delight. It’s a perfect match. Being unreasonably optimistic is not always easy, but it’s a whole lot easier with friends who are on the same page.'.

Straight 8 Greatest Hits – WATCH THESE!

20th Anniversary Edition:

straight 8 2020 London Premiere:

straight 8 2020 Cannes Premiere:


Adrian Bull

Founder & CEO

Cinelab London

“We process hundreds of films each year, from 70mm down to super 8, with recent films including Wonder Woman 1984 and James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ - and yet still one of the most exciting projects we are involved with is straight 8. The sheer creativity that entrants manage to pack into each reel of super 8 film is amazing, and that’s why Cinelab London supports straight 8.”



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