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Straight 8 2022 World Premiere at BFI

Don’t miss the STRAIGHT 8 2022 World Premiere at the BFI Southbank NFT1 // Saturday 22 October.

Back on the big screen, STRAIGHT 8 is set to make a raucous return to the cinema.

After two years of live-streamed premieres, this year’s best super 8mm masterpieces will be premiering at the UK’s national cinematheque, the BFI Southbank.

Join us as the top 25 short films of 2022, each made on just one roll of Super 8 film, hit the silver screen for the first time. What makes STRAIGHT 8 screenings so unique, is that not only are the audience seeing the films for the first time but also each of the filmmaking teams are getting to see their work for the very first time too.

All the films have been shot on one cartridge of S8mm film, with all editing happening ‘in-camera’. Every year all STRAIGHT 8 entry films are processed and scanned at Cinelab. And every year we are astounded by the creativity, originality, and quality of the filmmakers.

“We’re beyond thrilled to bring the 2022 selection to the cathedral of film. Anyone with a filmmaking bone in their body and a taste for shooting on film would be bonkers to miss it.” - Ed Sayers, founder of STRAIGHT 8.

Tickets £6/£8 – Book Here

STRAIGHT 8 2023 entry is now open to all at

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