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Laura McCluskey x LOEWE

@Loewe - 'Flux Flow Runner' Directed and Photographed by Laura McCluskey

Production Company: Object and Animal

Laura McCluskey is a London based photographer, director and visual artist shooting fashion, portrait and documentary projects. Laura is represented by Object and Animal

Laura directed and photographed the new @loewe Flow Runner campaign, shot on location in her hometown in Kent.

DoP Amelia Hazlerigg Shot on 16mm film on a Arri 416, perfectly capturing the natural light of a winters day at an English beach, transitioning into magic hour and a stunning Sheppey sunset.


Director & Photographer - Laura McCluskey / @lauramccluskey

Movement Director - Abdourahman Njie / @yagamoto

DOP - Amelia Hazlerigg / @ameliahazlerigg Creative Director - Estefania Hageman / Cast - Izaak Brandt / @izaakbrandt, Maya Bosman / @mayabosman

& Chantel Foo Yunn Xuan / @chanfyx Casting - Abdou Nije / @yagamotostudios & Affa Osman / @affaosman Make Up - Grace Sinnott / @gracessinnott Hair Stylist - Ryuta Saiga / @ryutasaiga Stylist - Lauren Anne Groves / @lgrovesss Stylist Assistant - Thomas Brackley 1st AD / PM - Alice Hayes / 1st AC - Benjy Kirkman / @benjykirkman 2nd AC - Ashton Born / @ashton_adot Lighting - Nathan Perkins / @senorperkins Lighting Assist - Lewis Bench / @lewisbench

Film Laboratory: Cinelab London 16mm Processing, 2K Spirit Scans, Deliverables Digi Op - Keriman Goren / @kerimcangoren Editor - Ed Cooper @ Assembly Rooms // @the_assembly_rooms @coopr Grade - Myles Bevan @ Time Based Arts // @timebasedarts @m.y.l.e.s Music Composition - Eagle Blakk @eagleblakk

Production Company - Object & Animal / @objectandanimal Executive Producer - Millie Yoxen / @millieyoxen Producer - Pru Ainsille / @p.ainslie PA - Jo Thompson / @joannat_is Runners - Bradley & Tiger Thanks to Loewe team: @jw_anderson @aspolicehorse & @whereisnatalienow

@Loewe - Flux - Flow Runner Directed and Photographed by Laura McCluskey


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