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Case Study: Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound of Thunder​

Private Collections: Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound of Thunder​

Cinelab Film & Digital provide film, tape and digital archive and restoration services for private collections, usually owned and often created by individuals, corporate entities and charities​. 'Delicate Sound of Thunder' has been completely remastered and extended to 16 songs.

Filmed at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum in August 1988 with some additional footage from June 1988 at the Place d'Armes of the Château de Versailles, France. This 2020 version is sourced directly from over 100 cans of original 35mm negatives, prepped, cleaned, all material rescanned in HD and graded for editing by Benny Trickett, under the creative direction of Aubrey Powell/Hipgnosis. Once edit completed, conform and final select take scans at 4K and 6K on Arriscan. Restoration as and where required. The sound was completely remixed from the original multitrack tapes by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, with longtime Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson, assisted by Damon Iddins.​

Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound of Thunder​

  • Concert recorded in 1988​

  • 10 camera – 35mm shoot over 3 nights​

  • Over 330,000 feet of film (or 65 miles!)​

  • Film assets moved to Cinelab London in December 2017​

  • Inspection, prep and clean of all film​

  • HD graded telecine of all film​

  • Final select take scans at 4K and 6K on Arriscan​

  • Frame rate conversions using Alchemist XF​

  • Restoration​

  • Final 4K HDR concert released in December 2019​


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