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Case Study: B&Q Commercial

B&Q 'Build a Life' captures real life moments, using real peoples archive footage, to represent a genuine portrait of British homes and how they have transformed over time and the celebrations, arguments and everyday moments that take place.

The final film uses home footage from 69 families (captured over many years), from across the UK - one for every city.

Cinelab Film & Digital received historic original content sent directly from families, on a selection of domestic formats from over the years.

To ensure deadlines were met, highly quality capture of all archive tapes and scanning of archive film was required. Cinelab Film & Digital's fast and efficient workflows ensured speedy turnaround creating digital masters for editing/viewing/post production. Content was captured to 25fps DPX, DNx36 or the highest resolution suitable to the archive material as well as H264‘s.

Director Chris Hewitt and DoP Christopher Sabogal also shot new footage on Super 16mm and Super 35mm. Shooting film was key to the cinematic look required overall, as well as complementing the storytelling, helping new shots blend with archive content, different film stocks helping with grain and texture. Cinelab London were responsible for all film negative processing, ARRI 2K scanning and digital rushes delivered to editing. Once the edit was complete, final 2K VFX pulls were supplied from EDL, DPX Files were created for grading and post production delivered to the post house via secure and

private file transfer.

Archive & Restoration Services provided by Cinelab Film & Digital: ​Historic video and audio tape digitisation, S8 and Standard 8 film scanning, digital deliverables, 16mm and 35mm film processing, Arri 2K Scanning, VFX pulls and final deliverables.


Agency: Uncommon London

Director: Chris Hewitt

Production Company: Knucklehead

Producer: Darren Tuohy

DOP: Christopher Sabogal

Grading/Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective


Watch B&Q Commercial - 'Build a Life'


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