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‘All we need is a crack in the concrete. And we will grow again’

As we welcomed Spring and left the long winter in lockdown behind us, B&Q and Uncommon saluted the resilience and re-emergence of the UK in ‘We Will Grow Again’.

Directed by collective The Sacred Egg, through Riff Raff Films, the duo brought life and colour to Uncommon's heartfelt poetry. This beautiful film recognises that with the warmer sunnier days ahead our shared optimism grows greater.

As Spring arrived, the flowers bloom and the world bursts into life and colour. 'All we need is a crack in the concrete. And we will grow again’.

The Sacred Egg combine animation and photographic shots to showcase intimate moments in our homes and gardens. The Director of Photography was Alex Barber shooting on 16mm film, digital formats and the Director of Photography (Stop Motion Animation): was Tristran Oliver BSC.

The film also nods to the nostalgic feel created in B&Q's ‘Build a Life, with the use of home videos as well as the return of Game of Thrones actor, Rory McCann as voice over. The work is set to the moving track ‘Valkara’ from the electronic duo Maribou State.

Nils Leonard, co-founder, Uncommon Creative Studio added: “The arrival of spring has never meant more to all of us than it has now. We’re not just coming out of another winter — there’s a whole load of stuff we’re leaving behind this time. The sentiment that we will grow again is a lesson nature teaches us every year: the good stuff will always come through if you plant it.”

‘We will grow again’ for @bandq

Creative Directors: @joshtenser

Creative: Jamie Bauermeister

Producer: @dancingdodge

Produced by: @riffrafffilms

Director: @the_sacred_egg

Executive Producer: Tom Berensden & Tracey Cooper

Producer: @cathyhood

Production Manager: @rachaeldonson

1st AD: Jez Oakley

DOP (Stop Motion): @tristanoliverbsc

Grip: Pete Olney

DIT: Elvin Prentice

Gaffer: Paul Molloy

Gaffer (Stop Motion): Mark Swaffield

Production Designer: Chris Oddy

Costume Designer: @emmajaynelipop

Make-Up Artist: Bernie Long

Casting: Sophie North

Location Manager: @rosskirkman

Stock Footage Researcher: @picturebuyer

16mm processing and 2K Scanity Film Scanning @cinelablondon

Edit House: @finalcutedit

Editor: @bouldyboy

Edit Producer: Michelle Corney

Post Production Company: @movingpicturecompany

Post Producer: Ryan Hancocks

Stop Frame Animation: @archmodelstudio

Lead Model Maker: @archfilmstudio

Stop Frame Animators: @andyrbiddle, Steve Warne

Animation: @perfect.bliss

Sound Company: @soundtreemusic

Sound Designer: Henning Knoepfel



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