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Silent Roar to be Opening Night Gala Film at Edinburgh Film Festival

SILENT ROAR is the debut feature from Scottish director and writer Johnny Barrington and award-winning producer Chris Young. It has been chose for the prestigious opening night gala slot at this year’s Edinburgh film festival.

SILENT ROAR is ‘a teenage tale of surfing, sex and hellfire.’ Lensed on 16mm film by cinematographer Ruben Woodin Dechamps. It was filmed on the remote community of Uig, on Lewis in Scotland’s Western Isles and stars Louis McCartney and Ella Lily Hyland.

Cinelab provided 16mm film dailies and dailies colour Paul Dean. Some sequences of the production were shot digitally, then Cinelab’s DFD (digital-film-digital) process was utilised to picture match the digital footage with the 16mm footage.

The Edinburgh film festival runs from 18 to 23 August.


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