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RTS Award Wins for Landscapers

The Royal Television Society have crowned the winners of the RTS Craft & Design Awards 2022. Cinelab are delighted to see LANDSCAPERS a three time winner, scooping the gongs for Photography, Picture Enhancement, and Production Design. Having proudly provided digital dailies on the series.

Erik Wilson BSC won the Photography – Drama & Comedy Award for his “unusual and experimental” style in LANDSCAPERS, which was “a brilliantly executed piece” that showed “inventiveness through and through”.

Congratulations to The Look’s Senior Colourist Thomas Urbye who took home the Picture Enhancement award for LANDSCAPERS. The judges praised the “traditional analogue quality of the submission and the transitions between sequences”.

“Clever, sophisticated, visually arresting, incredible attention to detail and brilliantly inventive Production Design” – were the jury comments which accompanied the Production Design – Drama award. That went to LANDSCAPERS’ Cristina Casal, Robert Wischhusen-Hayes & Fabrice Spelta.

LANDSCAPERS is a SISTER production, in association with South of the River Pictures for Sky Atlantic.


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