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IPC '#WeThe15' by Sam Pilling

'People with disabilities make up 15% of the world’s population. Let’s break down the barriers that keep us apart’ @wethe15

Shown as part of the Paralympic Games opening ceremony to a global audience of over 250 million people.

Director Sam Pilling's film was made to launch the #wethe15 movement and was shown as part of the Paralympic Games opening ceremony to a global audience of over 250 million people. Shot beautifully on 35mm 3 perf film.

#WeThe15 is sport’s biggest ever human rights movement to end discrimination. Aiming to transform the lives of the world’s 1.2 billion persons with disabilities who represent 15% of the global population. Initiating change over the next decade by bringing together the biggest coalition ever of international organisations from the world of sport, human rights, policy, communications, business, arts and entertainment. Building greater knowledge of the barriers and discrimination persons with disabilities face on a daily basis at all levels of society. By doing so we will break down these barriers so all persons with disabilities can fulfil their potential and be active and visible members of an inclusive society.

The film was made in partnership with Adam & Eve DDB @aandeddb, the International Paralympic Committee and the International Disability Alliance, this film helps to shift the narrative around people with disabilities.


Get Involved and find out more: #WeThe15



STARRING: Kirin, Wayne, Martha, Asa, Rajesh, Jessica, Frank & Cindy, Mukandi, Camphill Football Team, Evans, Nathan, , Rory, Monica e Lino, Max Loredana, Lorenzo, Carlos, Yusef,

Bethany Asher @livealittlebeth

Maximiliano Ulivieri @maxulivieri

Cindy-Jane Armbruster @c_armbruster1964

Chris Coxon @realchriscoxon

Ekow Otoo @echo_t_t

Brinston Tchana @brins_official

Bunrod @bunroda

Crystal Marshall @crystaltheactress

Jacob Chambers @jay_chambers03



CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER: Richard Brim @brimmus


CAMPAIGN CREATIVE TEAM: Edward Usher and Xander Hart @edwarddtusher @xanderhart

FILM CREATIVE TEAM: Selma Ahmed and Genevieve Gransden

DEPUTY HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Jack Bayley @jackbayley


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Pulse Films @pulsefilms


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Lucy Kelly @_lucy__kelly

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Davud Karbassioun @davud_k

PRODUCER: David French @frenchdave00

DIRECTOR: Sam Pilling @s45mpling

DOP: Alex Barber, Chloë Thompson @chloekthomson

1ST AD: James Sharpe @therealjamessharpe

CASTING DIRECTOR: Anna Stark @starkcasting

PRODUCTION MANAGER: Kishan Patel & Tom Nutting @helloitskishan

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Ellie Saunders Wright @elliesanderswright

LOCATION MANAGER: Rupert Bowkett @bowkett

PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Beck Rainford @rainybeck

COSTUME DESIGNER: Hannah Hopkins @hannah_hopkinss SERVICE PRODUCTION IN SOUTH AFRICA: Gatehouse Commercials @gatehousecommercials EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Beverley Wynne @bevwynne LINE PRODUCER: Karin Tanchel @karintanchel DOP: Shaun Harley Lee @shaunharleyleedop 1ST AD: Jaco Nel LOCATION MANAGER: Bhut Gladstone ART DIRECTOR: Willow Howell SERVICE PRODUCTION IN BANGKOK: Indochina Productions @indochinaproductions EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Nicholas Simon @nicholassimonindochina LINE PRODUCER: Atrachariya Pinitsanpirom (Bird) DOP: Nicholas Axelrod 1ST AD: Napon Limsomwong (Kwan) CASTING DIRECTOR: Sarawanee Yodnoon SERVICE PRODUCTION IN MILAN: Pulse Films Italia @pulsefilmsitalia EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Giorgio Testi @giotesti LINE PRODUCER: Giulia Negretto @sonocomesuono 2ND UNIT DIRECTOR: Tobia Passigato @tobiapassigato DOP: Diego Indraccolo @diego_indraccolo

FILM LAB: 35MM PROCESSING & SCANNING Cinelab London @cinelablondon EDITING COMPANY: TenThree @tenthree_editing

EDITOR: Ellie Johnson, Liam Bachler, Elyse Raphael @@elyseraphael @ellie.k.johnson POST PRODUCTION: Untold Studios @untold_studios GRADE: Simon Bourne at Framestore @chrisanthonyproducer @Framestore POST PRODUCERS: Tomek Zietkiewicz @xtomekx

AUDIO POST PRODUCTION: 750mph @750_mph AUDIO ENGINEER: Sam Ashwell, Mark Hellaby @samashwell AUDIO PRODUCER: Kirsten Troy, Martin Critchely @kirsten_troy @martincritchley MUSIC COMPANY: Soundtree @soundtreemusic MUSIC SUPERVISOR: Jay James & Neil Athale MUSIC COMPOSITION: Benjamin Jones


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