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Experience Abu Dhabi in 65mm

The first commercial to be captured on 65mm film for a very long time, Experience Abu Dhabi has launched a global campaign titled ‘Find Your Pace’.

Director Jovan Todorović comments on the vision behind this project and his choice to capture on 65mm, "In an era dominated by computer-generated imagery, our goal was to craft a film that celebrates authenticity. Abu Dhabi's sites offer a blend of incredible beauty and otherworldly charm, compelling us to veer away from synthetic visuals and, instead, deliver a portrayal that authentically reflects the awe-inspiring reality of these locales.”

The spot was inspired by 65mm masterpieces like SAMSARA and BARAKA, and as luck would have it, cinematographer Oliver Millar filmed using the same camera body that Samsara was shot on. The remarkable clarity and minimal grain of 65mm, combined with the exceptional detail, colour depth, and dynamic range of the images, ensured that the essence of the sites were captured to their fullest extent. Oliver commented, “Aware that we were granted rare access to film in several locations that are national treasures, we felt a profound duty to document these sites in their entirety, showcasing their magnificence with the utmost fidelity.”


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