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Down-to-earth romanticism meets LA cool

Sherrie Silver choreographed a dance inspired by the collection

Creative concept and film by Fanny & Rory DoP Jeremy Valender shot on 35mm 3 Perf

Founded by co-designers Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock, the LA based luxury label Brock Collection is well known for dressing stars for the red carpet . Partnering with H&M to launch an affordable range, their whimsical and romantic collection is made from more sustainable materials,

To celebrate the launch of the collab, Sherrie Silver, (the choreographer of Childish Gambino's "This is America") to choreograph a dance inspired by the collection.

Sherrie explains, "The concept of the choreography was pure joy. I wanted it to be easy and fun while still model-esque so that if someone was to be taking pictures of someone doing the choreography, they would still be able to get some great modelling shots. I achieved this by incorporating in poses into the dance. For example, after the models spin, I gave them each different poses to land in, for example, one of the models landed with her hands on her waist representing confidence and fierceness."

A film bursting with energy and happiness, banger of a tune and dancers busting great moves!

Creative concept and film @fannyandrory


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