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Ari Wegner ASC / The Wonder

Ari Wegner talks to British Cinematographer about shooting director Sebastián Lelio's The Wonder. Referencing utilising Cinelab's DFD process to enhance the the final look of the feature.

“It was a new and incredibly exciting process for Sebastián and I. Adrian Bull, CEO at Cinelab, was on that journey with us from the early tests in prep and the lab team were very dedicated to getting the look we were after. I had faith it would deliver a really interesting result and I’m so happy with how it turned out.”

Director of Photography Ari Wegner, ASC, talking about utilising DFD (digital-film-digital), Cinelab’s analogue intermediate process, on THE WONDER.

Read the full British Cinematographer interview with Ari Wegner, on shooting THE WONDER and her approach to the cinematography, here.


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