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Digital-to-Film-to-Digital // The Virtual Llama

Owl In Space's new Sci-Fi short film examines our search for identity in a progressively virtual world. Directed by Tom Cozens, lensed by director of photography Simeon Geyer and graded by Cinelab Film and Digital's colourist Joshua Callis-Smith. The team decided to utilise Cinelab’s analogue intermediate process to transfer digital footage to celluloid film.

Our Digital-to-Film-to-Digital (DFD) process adds real film grain and texture to the digital image. We process and scan the film back to digital with the authentic film look applied.

You can choose to convert to 35mm, 16mm or even 8mm. In this video you can see the difference of the conversion to 16mm for THE VIRTUAL LLAMA.

The Virtual Llama is currently in Festivals and set to release publicly in 2023.


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