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Case Study: Silent Madness

Yves Tumor stars in Silent Madness, the new short film from Nigerian-British designer Mowalola.

A collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Jordan Hemingway, Silent Madness was shot in London club Electrowerkz and features a cast decked head-to-toe in Mowalola’s unmistakable designs.

We follow Tumor over the course of an extremely unfortunate night out as they suffer the effects of a nightmarish trip.

Director of Photography Jack Exton shot on 35mm 2perf and 16mm.

Cinelab Film & Digital were responsible for 35mm 2 perf and 16mm Film Processing, Film Dailies, Spirit Scans and Deliverables.

Creative Content Services provided by Cinelab Film & Digital:

  • Negative Development 35mm & 16mm

  • Push Processing

  • Telecine/Arri Select Scans

  • Digital Deliverables


@mowalowla @YvesTumor

Director: @Jordan_hemingway

DOP: @jack_exton_

Production: @thomashogan


Watch Silent Madness Video


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