The Colour Group (GB) Meeting Colour Film at the BFI

This was an event we found through contacts at the BFI, who had been invited by the Colour Group to present on Colour in Film. The event was held on Wednesday afternoon with a program taking up 4 hours. The Colour group has been going since the 1940’s, they advertise themselves as an interdisciplinary society that draw together people who are interested in all aspects of colour – its perception, measurement, reproduction and use in artistic expression.

The program had a theme of archive film and it’s use of colour and had particularly interesting explanations of the some original techniques and methods of showing colour in film with a detailed presentation on the chemical profiling of tinted and toned materials, with a revelation that some previously held beliefs on the colours used may have been incorrect due to the way the film is scanned and viewed today compared to its original display.

One much promoted follow on event for archive film enthusiast would be to book a ticket to visit The Colour Fantastic : Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema conference held 28th/31st March at the Eye in Amsterdam