To All Cinelab London Archive & Restoration Clients

Cinelab London continues to provide a full range of Archive Storage, Digitisation & Restoration Services. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to share with you how we are continuing to provide archive services and reassure that we are following every saftey guideline. It is of paramount importance that we prioritise the safety of our staff and clients and we continue to follow UK Government guidance whilst working to support clients in the best way possible. Cinelab London continues to provide a full range of Archive Storage, Digitisation & Restoration Services. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your understanding. Most importantly, we sincerely hope that you, your family and friends remain safe through this difficult time for everyone. 
Very Best Wishes. Adrian, John and the Cinelab London team.

Film Prep and Clean

– We can start pre-assessment, prep & clean if your film is stored with us.

– All new physical media coming into the building is quarantined for 72 hours before we begin any work.


Cinelab London the widest range of scanners available including pin-registered 6K Arriscan, optically stabilised 4K Scanity and industry-standard Spirit scanners.

– We have just completed commissioning of our second DFT HDR Scanity scanner and have a full complement of gates for 8, 16 and 35mm scanning at up to 4K 16-bit.

– For access purposes, we can scan film at high-speed, up to 5x real-time creating cost-effective low-resolution viewing copy

– Automated QC of content using Joanneum Research Vidcert, providing detailed reports of film condition and artefacts.

Digital Services

Most of our digital services can be deployed remotely and our experienced team have the capability to continue providing these services from the safety and security of their own homes.

– Digital picture and sound restoration using Diamant, MTI DRS Nova, Digital Vision DVO and Pro-tools.

– Final grading using Blackmagic Resolve both remote or in our exclusive 20-seat theatre with digital cinema projection.

– Generation of descriptive metadata using AI technologies to provide speech to text, optical character recognition, face recognition, object and brand recognition, creating fully searchable content from your master assets.

Video and Audio Tape Digitisation

We have a comprehensive range of sound followers for magnetic and optical film formats.

– We can digitise most archive video and audio tape formats including D1, D2, D3, D5, HDCam, HDD5, Beta formats, DV formats, 1” B & C, U-Matic, VHS, DASH, 24-track, DA88, DAT, ¼”.

– Once digitised we can again use automated QC tools to provide detailed condition reports.

Amended Hours & Turnaround Times 

– The Laboratory remains open Monday to Friday (with a significantly reduced team) providing services on an on-demand basis.

– We can operate effectively whilst observing the current appropriate health and safety guidelines.

– We are accepting agreed deliveries Monday to Friday at 10 am – 2:00 pm.

– Any physical media coming into the building will be quarantined for 72 hours before we start work.

– We are providing a target 7-10 day turnaround for processing and scanning services, please do call to schedule your work in and confirm service times.

– We will always advise on timing, dependant on the service required.

– These procedures may be updated without notice in response to changing guidelines and practical circumstances.

Thank you for your time,
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We are here to help.
Cinelab London continues to provide Archive Storage, Digitisation & Restoration Services.