Spirit HD & ArriLaser

Cinelabs London, a leading European Film Laboratory group today announced their latest investment in their drive to support filmmakers from across the features, TV and commercials market with the acquisition of a Spirit HD Telecine an ArriLaser2 and Arriscan.

The Spirit HD Telecine with Yoyo from YoYotta has been installed to enable Cinelabs to grow their film dailies and remastering department and to meet the increased interest clients have to use Cinelab London for their film processing work.  This investment is part of a strategic move to extend the services of their traditional film lab into the digital arena whilst maintaining a film-based solution for thier clients.  The Arrilaser 2 film recorder joins the two existing Arrilasers, which provide an effective solution for long form feature film recording.  This with the Arriscan complete with 16mm and 35mm, wet and dry gates, ensure Cinelab can not only meet clients growing requirements, but also move into the new area of DI scanning & high end film restoration.

‘Whilst we continue our drive forward to support the digital filmmaker with our recent investments, we are equally committed to continued support of film based projects.  Says Adrian Bull, CTO Cinelabs International.  ‘At the heart of our business we offer choice and are committed to ensuring UK’s & Europe’s film makers are able to confidently choose film knowing there is a first class lab in London able to support them without compromise.  Whilst a mature market, it is still very active and the passion that exists to maintain the option to acquire on film is a driving force for us’