Cinelab Film & Digital - provides the UK's widest range of film and digital services, dedicated to delivering excellence to all major studio and independent feature filmmakers. 

Feature Film Services

Our focus is always on delivering excellent service; by partnering with all clients and offering the very best talent, quality, technology, and expertise.

All Laboratory based services are located under one roof; projects are managed by one brilliant team.  They share extensive technical and creative experience to advise on film, digital or hybrid workflows, budgeting and time needed.  We provide individual and comparative film and digital quotes if needed, helpful when a decision is still to be made on shooting formats.


Supporting productions from initial camera/lens /negative testing to final multiple screen deliverables, including cinema prints.  From your initial enquiry, you will know your dedicated contact, ensuring ease of communication and excellent client service.

It is essential that a fast and secure workflow for the whole post production process is in place.  We’ve done that successfully, film dailies are delivered as electronic rushes for editorial with a full report. Everything is digital, secure and accessible for the global client.  Our digital dailies labs comprise exclusively of industry approved hardware and software, driven by the expertise of our skilled operators for immediate dailies creation.

Cinelab Film & Digital is easily accessible to international clients due to our proximity to Heathrow, enabling efficient and safe delivery of rushes from

around the world.


We are proud to have worked on so many high profile projects from James Bond 'No Time To Die', Wonder Woman  1984,  Mission Impossible, The King's Man, Fantastic Beasts 3 and Last Night In Soho as well as supporting many Independent Filmmakers across the world.   


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What We Do

  • Digital Imaging Services / DIT's

  • Camera/Lens/Neg Testing

  • Workflow Supervision (shooting digital, film or both).

  • Film Processing S8, 16mm, S16mm, 35mm, S35mm and 65mm

  • Film and Digital Dailies

  • Film Scanning - Spirit 4K, Scanity HDR, Arriscan HDR

  • Dailies Grading / Final Grading -utilising Blackmagic Resolve

  • DI Grading Theatre Viewing Theatre

  • Edit/Conform 

  • Final Scans/VFX Pulls

  • Mastering/Film and Digital Deliverables

  • Specialist Data Archiving 

  • DFD - Digital Master to Film to Digital

  • 35mm Mute Prints / 35mm Show Prints

  • Sound Opticals Mastering

  • Archive and Restore / Verified Backup's

  • Full Film Archive and Restoration

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Cinelab Film & Digital provides digital imaging services, 35mm film processing and scanning, film dailies and grading.






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