Cinelab Film & Digital supports creative commercial filmmakers in agencies, production companies & brands around the world.  We understand advertising projects require excellence, fast and flexible services to meet deadlines and client expectations.  

Commercials / Advertising Services

Cinelab Film & Digital is committed to supporting the renaissance of shooting on film for advertising creatives around the globe.


It is no secret that celluloid film offers a completely different artistic feel to digital,  to create stunning original looks many commercial directors and dop's have turned to film as their creative medium of choice when shooting commercials, in entirety or as part of a digital production.   Photochemical effects such as bleach bypass and pull/push processing are available to add more magic.   

To support the revival in shooting on film – Cinelab Film & Digital runs day and night shifts for film processing, film scanning, graded film dailies and electronic delivery of rushes for editorial and online screeners for editorial. From this point, content is digital, secure and accessible for the global client. 


Our production team are here to advise, to make sure your experience of working with film is enjoyable for everyone involved. We welcome all filmmakers, many clients haven’t shot on film before, or perhaps not for some time. We make sure shooting on film is as cost effective as possible. Planning in advance is key, we can also provide costs and timings for projects and advise on which workflow should be taken. From your initial enquiry, you will know your dedicated contact, ensuring ease of communication and excellent client service. 

All Laboratory based services are located under one roof; projects are managed by one brilliant team.  Once processed and scanned film rushes are delivered as electronic rushes for editorial with a full report. Digital files, secure and accessible online.  

Cinelab Film & Digital is easily accessible to international clients due to our proximity to Heathrow, enabling efficient and safe delivery of rushes from

around the world.


 We are proud to have worked on many award-winning commercials. See our Commercials Portfolio for more information.


Above: Marshall 'Never Stop Listening'

Director Kevin Castanheira at Dog Eat Dog Productions for Marshall Headphones

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What We Do

  • Digital Imaging Services / DIT's

  • Camera/Lens/Neg Testing

  • Workflow Supervision (shooting digital, film or both).

  • Film Processing S8, 16mm, S16mm, 35mm, S35mm and 65mm

  • Film and Digital Dailies

  • Film Scanning - Spirit 4K, Scanity HDR, Arriscan HDR

  • Dailies Grading / Final Grading -utilising Blackmagic Resolve

  • DI Grading Theatre Viewing Theatre

  • Edit/Conform 

  • Final Scans/VFX Pulls

  • Mastering/Film and Digital Deliverables

  • Specialist Data Archiving 

  • DFD - Digital Master to Film to Digital

  • 35mm Mute Prints / 35mm Show Prints

  • Sound Opticals Mastering

  • Archive and Restore / Verified Backup's

  • Full Film Archive and Restoration

Genre-Icons-310821_Commercials Option 1.png
Burberry ‘Festive” Directors Megaforce  DoP Katelin Arizemendi. Cinelab London were respon


Burberry - 'Festive'

Burberry and Megaforce - two big names. So big in fact, combining them has the potential to create atmospheric changes (of the giant hailstone kind). 





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