As always, our highest priority is to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients and suppliers.

How Cinelab London is responding to COVID-19

Cinelab London is open and providing a full range of film and digital services. 🎥🎞📹

In fact, we haven’t closed at all through Lockdown. We want to say a HUGE thanks to our dedicated @cinelablondon team and to all you amazing clients who have and are continuing to shoot on film 👏👍😀 ❤️

We are doing all we can to offer (as close as possible) to our “normal” service. Please help us meet your deadlines by booking your work in advance. We have a reduced team in the laboratory, adhering to safe working guidelines & many of our team continue to work remotely.

Your patience and support are very much appreciated. Thankyou.
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Your contact form will be forwarded to our Sales and Enquiries team; it will be dealt with quickly.  Your patience and support are appreciated

We Miss Seeing Everyone! Stay Well and Stay Safe!

ABOUT Cinelab London opened its doors in 2013 launched by a team of film specialists; all bonded by their passion for film and the craft involved in the processing and finessing of it.   

Their mission? To support all Filmmakers choosing celluloid film as their creative medium of choice.  Cinelab London is now the world’s premier film laboratory and film facility; providing a complete solution for film, from acquisition through to final delivery.  Located conveniently close to Heathrow airport and within easy travelling distance from central London.

Cinelab London is the only film laboratory in the world processing all colour negative motion picture film formats.  S8, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm services are provided across all areas, from initial negative processing through to an unrivalled range of Telecine, Scanning and Sound preparation options. A 20 seat theatre is available for meetings and viewing both digital and 35mm outputs, as well as Digital Intermediate grades and DCP review. 

Film Specialists provide their expertise to advise clients from pre-production through to final deliverables, whether you’re a major studio or a first-time filmmaker. Projects completed include Mission Impossible 6: Fallout, Phantom Thread and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Succession Season 1 and 2 for HBO and commercials including Nike “Nothing Beats a Londoner”, Bodyform & Libresse “Blood Normal”, Mini Cooper “The Faith of a Few”, John Lewis/Waitrose and Partners “Bohemian Rhapsody”, John Lewis “The Boy and The Piano”. 

Cinelab London also has an extensive catalogued film archive and provides secure library storage services. The experienced Archive and Restoration team advise and handle complex restoration and remastering projects, from single titles to entire archives.  Working with national archives, private collections, conservators, educators and artists to preserve and restore film content making it accessible, often in a digital format to a new generation of viewers. 

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