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Film and Video Restoration


We offer film and video digitisation and restoration services, from single titles to entire archives.

A full restoration service from the careful inspection and preparation of the physical asset through to the highest quality scanning from HD up to 6K resolution including the only commercially available 16mm and 35mm wet-gate Arriscan in the UK. Digital restoration can then be performed using a very comprehensive range of tools including Digital Vision Phoenix, DVO, Clarity, DVNR 2K with ASC and AGR, MTI DRS Correct and Archangel HD to provide the best results to match your budget.

Our audio department has a unique collection of sound followers for reproduction of most magnetic and optical film formats including a laser optical scanner for reading optical sound negatives.

Our video formats include D1, D2, D3, D5, Digibeta, Beta SP, 1″, BVU, U-matic, S-VHS, VHS, Video8/Hi8, DV – not listed?, give us  a call, we might have it anyway! We also have many audio and data tape formats available.

Our restoration services allow clients to maximize the future potential of their libraries.

  • Physical inspection, repair, rewashing and ultrasonic cleaning
  • HD to 6K scanning, pin-registered, sprocketless and wet-gate
  • 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film gauges
  • Full digital restoration services
  • Video, audio and data transfers

Film Restoration

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