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Arrilaser film recording

  Using the industry renowned Arrilaser for 4K and 2k film recording, our 5 Arrilasers including the latest generation Arrilaser2 provide an unparalleled service for film mastering. With our experienced digital film department and expert client service team we can also provide the highest quality result in the shortest of timescales. Coupled with our state of the art developing and printing capabilities we can offer a quick turnaround on filming out features and in conjunction with our Westrex Sound Camera can produce combined show prints and bulk distribution prints.
  • 5 x Arrilaser and Arrilaser2 film recorders
  • 35mm optical sound camera with Dolby Digital, SVA and DTS
  • YCM separations
  • Rush prints, show prints and bulk duplication

Arri laser film recorder

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