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Film Processing

Feature Film Neg Processing

We have two of the latest Photomec ECN2 processors providing colour processing for all motion picture films formats from Super8 to 65mm.  The results are outstanding and speak for themselves – if you want to come and see the pinnacle in film processors in action please give us a call 01753 501500.

We appreciate the importance a DoP and Cameraman put on getting rushes reports first thing the next morning. Our experienced dailies team have over 50 years experience and pride themselves on providing a personal service. Rushes can be output to any file format for editorial and can be delivered on drives or by digital delivery over Sohonet.

  • 65mm/35mm/16mm/8mm colour negative processing
  • 35mm/16mm Black and White negative and positive processing
  • 35mm Colour positive processing
  • Internegative and Interpositive and sound negative processing
  • HD or 2K Spirit rushes telecine
  • Arriscan or Golden Eye scanning at 6K, 4K or 2K

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