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 Kodak and Cinelab London Form Initiative to Assist in Creation of Film Elements

LONDON July 1, 2015 – Kodak is launching a pioneering archival program for UK customers today as part of the company’s continuing focus on independent filmmakers. In collaboration with Cinelab London, the KODAK Archive Package offers flat-rate pricing for film, digital recording and processing. This allows Kodak to work with independent content owners to deliver a cost effective archive master on film regardless of the origination format of a production.


“At Kodak, we believe it’s imperative that today’s art is available to future generations for a long time to come,” said Kodak’s Andrew Evenski, President and General Manager, Entertainment & Commercial Films, Eastman Kodak Company. “Independently produced projects are a fundamental piece of our cultural and cinematic legacy, and film is the only proven method for safeguarding their survival. We designed this program with Cinelab, a high-quality service provider, to make it easy and cost effective for those outside the studio system to create a film element of their work.”


Through the KODAK Archive Package, filmmakers can get a single affordable price for any title shot on digital or analogue. The package includes film stock from Kodak, and ARRILASER recording, optical sound recording and lab processing services from Cinelab London. As the main point of contact, Kodak will provide a quote and single invoice to independent producers and content owners, saving them from the time-consuming process of pursuing competitive rates in the market. Anyone seeking to preserve content simply delivers the data drive (image and sound) of their final cut, and in return, receives separate 35mm image and audio film preservation elements.


“By combining our strengths, Kodak and Cinelab are helping the independent creative community eliminate the risk of losing their projects to time and obsolescence,” said Adrian Bull, managing director of Cinelab London. “So much passion, creativity, time and money go into producing a story. The KODAK Archive Package simplifies the process and makes it affordable to include a line item in every budget for a film element.”


Kodak plans to expand the Archive Package to other regions soon. UK customers can call Kodak to get quote at +0870.850.1904 or email ARCHIVEUK@KODAK.COM.


About Kodak
Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging. We provide – directly and through partnerships with other innovative companies – hardware, software, consumables and services to customers in graphic arts, commercial print, publishing, packaging, electronic displays, entertainment and commercial films, and consumer products markets. With our world-class R&D capabilities, innovative solutions portfolio and highly trusted brand, Kodak is helping customers around the globe to sustainably grow their own businesses and enjoy their lives. For additional information on Kodak, visit us at, follow us on Twitter @Kodak, or like us on Facebook at KodakNow.

About Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Business

Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging business is the world leader in providing motion picture film and imaging products, services, and technology for the professional motion picture and exhibition industries. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (@Kodak_ShootFilm), and YouTube (


About Cinelab London

Cinelab London is the last full service film laboratory in the UK providing comprehensive services for filmmakers and archivists. As well as photochemical 8/16 & 35mm negative processing, printing and positive developing it has the widest range of telecines and scanners for new and archival film, and a class leading digital restoration capability for film and video. Visit us at and follow us on twitter @cinelablondon.


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JULY 2015

The Colour Group (GB) Meeting Colour Film at the BFI

04 Feb 2015, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Cinelab

This was an event we found through contacts at the BFI, who had been invited by the Colour Group to present on Colour in Film. The event was held on Wednesday afternoon with a program taking up 4 hours. The Colour group has been going since the 1940’s, they advertise themselves as an interdisciplinary society that draw together people who are interested in all aspects of colour – its perception, measurement, reproduction and use in artistic expression.

The program had a theme of archive film and it’s use of colour and had particularly interesting explanations of the some original techniques and methods of showing colour in film with a detailed presentation on the chemical profiling of tinted and toned materials, with a revelation that some previously held beliefs on the colours used may have been incorrect due to the way the film is scanned and viewed today compared to its original display.

One much promoted follow on event for archive film enthusiast would be to book a ticket to visit The Colour Fantastic : Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema conference held 28th/31st March at the Eye in Amsterdam



Film strips for everyone.

03 Feb 2015, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Cinelab

In order to promote our comprehensive and recently grown set of services we designed and printed a promotional film strip for giving away to the BSC show attendees. What we didn’t realise was how successful these strips would be, after 4 hours on the first day we’d given away nearly 500 strips which had been our stock for the day. We had Collin Coull our super film contact man rush to the film lab (10 minutes from Pinewood Studios), where the day staff instantly printed a further 2000 strips to keep us going for the rest of the weekend.

If anyone would like to own a film strip then please pop use a line to

16mm film deal steal’s the BSC show.

30 Jan 2015, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Uncategorized

As the BSC show opened on Friday 30th Jan 2014. Cinelab London, Kodak and Frame24 went public with Kodak’s latest  #filmworthy campaign for the UK market.

“We’ve brought together partners from film sales, film processing and equipment rental to provide easy access to competitively priced film packages for the European market” Sam Clark, Kodak.

The Cinelab team have been very keen to get this offer to it’s clients where we can offer them our first class processing and telecine package.

Paul Dean our senior colourist explains; “with our unique Technical Best Light (TBL) grading solution, we provide the film maker with an opportunity to shoot film within a digital budget.  The fully graded “TBL” rushes serve as rushes viewing copies, editorial files and non-clipped master files, which will only require the minimum of fine grading to achieve the desired end result.  By only scanning the film once we are able to provide this extremely cost effective solution to enable your film to stand out from the digital crowd”.

For more information on the visit the Frame24 process paid webpage.

Cinelab help kill it for Paulo Nutini’s One Day.

28 Nov 2014, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Cinelab


Burlesque bloodbath


Read how Cinelab help the Mill kill it in the colour grade with our Arri laser film out and Arri scan of the print.

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16mm Film not just for the history books

11 Nov 2014, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Cinelab

This year we’ll have processed more 16mm film than any other year in Cinelab’s history, while digital film makers and manufactures talk up the demise of celluloid film we are proud to help European film makers bring there dreams to life.

David D’Arcy writes a nice post on where 16mm has been used in history, we hope that we can be part of a continued history for many years to come.

A recent series in Vienna surveyed the long, diverse history of a dying format.

Many people have assumed that the 16 millimeter film is an endangered, if not outdated, format. During a surprisingly popular event at this year’s Vienna International Film Festival — aka the Viennale — involved an archaeological search into 16mm’s historical value.

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Kodak spotlight Cinelab London

31 Oct 2014, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Cinelab

For Kodak’s October edition of there print and online magazine, Kodak came to visit the UK’s leading film lab and produced the following article.


Cinelab London

In June of 2013, co-owners Adrian Bull and John Mahtani acquired a film lab that had been in operation for 37 years. Identifying a need in the London marketplace for a full-service film facility with an eye towards the future, they rebranded the company Cinelab and never looked back. Their mission – to deliver high-quality, reliable film processing services and enhanced digital solutions, ensuring that content creators in the UK and Europe can confidently choose film as part of their creative pallet.

Today, Cinelab London is flourishing and has expanded to provide a complete service offering for film clients. “What we acquired was purely a photochemical lab, primarily focused on trailers,” says Bull, who also serves as managing director. “We knew we needed to reimagine and reinvent the business in order to survive. Extending our service sector into commercials, features, and high-end broadcast dramas was a first step, but beyond that, we needed to deliver the digital services that allow people to get in and out of film as needed.
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Spirit HD & ArriLaser

05 Oct 2013, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Cinelab

Cinelabs London, a leading European Film Laboratory group today announced their latest investment in their drive to support filmmakers from across the features, TV and commercials market with the acquisition of a Spirit HD Telecine an ArriLaser2 and Arriscan.

The Spirit HD Telecine with Yoyo from YoYotta has been installed to enable Cinelabs to grow their film dailies and remastering department and to meet the increased interest clients have to use Cinelab London for their film processing work.  This investment is part of a strategic move to extend the services of their traditional film lab into the digital arena whilst maintaining a film-based solution for thier clients.  The Arrilaser 2 film recorder joins the two existing Arrilasers, which provide an effective solution for long form feature film recording.  This with the Arriscan complete with 16mm and 35mm, wet and dry gates, ensure Cinelab can not only meet clients growing requirements, but also move into the new area of DI scanning & high end film restoration.

‘Whilst we continue our drive forward to support the digital filmmaker with our recent investments, we are equally committed to continued support of film based projects.  Says Adrian Bull, CTO Cinelabs International.  ‘At the heart of our business we offer choice and are committed to ensuring UK’s & Europe’s film makers are able to confidently choose film knowing there is a first class lab in London able to support them without compromise.  Whilst a mature market, it is still very active and the passion that exists to maintain the option to acquire on film is a driving force for us’

We aquired Bucks Labs

10 Jun 2013, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Uncategorized

Cinelabs International, one of Europe’s leading providers of Film Laboratory services today announced the completion of their acquisition of Bucks Media Services in London. The acquisition complements the existing operations of Cinelab Romania and Cinelab Greece, which were acquired from Kodak in 2012.

Cinelabs International is also pleased to announce that David Webb, formally Director and General Manager at Kodak, has joined the management team as European Sales Director. Based in London and drawing on his international industry experience, David will be responsible for driving sales strategy and volumes for the group. Cinelabs International CEO Rodrigo Ruiz-Tarazona former MD of Technicolor Spain and previously at Kodak Entertainment Imaging Division sees a strong opportunity in continuing to support filmmakers who wish to shoot on film and now find it difficult as a result of services being withdrawn from the major photochemical film laboratories.  He commented ‘The addition of this operation is an essential stage in our European strategy.  We can now provide a Europe-wide high quality, reliable film service.  The London business is staffed by an excellent team of people who care about their clients and we are looking forward to establishing the Cinelab name as a centre of excellence for everyone passionate about film.’ Currently the operation provides colour and B&W negative and print processing. Immediate priorities will be to increase capacity and develop both film and digital dailies services offerings and on-location services.  The operation will continue to support film, commercial and television clients as well as content owners who wish to preserve and restore their film and media archives.

David Buck, owner for 37 says ‘I’m very proud of the business my team and I have built up over the years. The acquisition of BMS by Cinelabs will continue to develop and extend the services that we currently offer to the industry. This is welcome news for a community passionate about film who should have comfort that Cinelab will be there to service requirements for as long as there is demand”

Bucks Media Services rebrands with immediate effect as Cinelab London.

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