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16mm film deal steal’s the BSC show.

30 Jan 2015, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Uncategorized

As the BSC show opened on Friday 30th Jan 2014. Cinelab London, Kodak and Frame24 went public with Kodak’s latest  #filmworthy campaign for the UK market.

“We’ve brought together partners from film sales, film processing and equipment rental to provide easy access to competitively priced film packages for the European market” Sam Clark, Kodak.

The Cinelab team have been very keen to get this offer to it’s clients where we can offer them our first class processing and telecine package.

Paul Dean our senior colourist explains; “with our unique Technical Best Light (TBL) grading solution, we provide the film maker with an opportunity to shoot film within a digital budget.  The fully graded “TBL” rushes serve as rushes viewing copies, editorial files and non-clipped master files, which will only require the minimum of fine grading to achieve the desired end result.  By only scanning the film once we are able to provide this extremely cost effective solution to enable your film to stand out from the digital crowd”.

For more information on the visit the Frame24 process paid webpage.

We aquired Bucks Labs

10 Jun 2013, Posted by Cinelabwebsite in Uncategorized

Cinelabs International, one of Europe’s leading providers of Film Laboratory services today announced the completion of their acquisition of Bucks Media Services in London. The acquisition complements the existing operations of Cinelab Romania and Cinelab Greece, which were acquired from Kodak in 2012.

Cinelabs International is also pleased to announce that David Webb, formally Director and General Manager at Kodak, has joined the management team as European Sales Director. Based in London and drawing on his international industry experience, David will be responsible for driving sales strategy and volumes for the group. Cinelabs International CEO Rodrigo Ruiz-Tarazona former MD of Technicolor Spain and previously at Kodak Entertainment Imaging Division sees a strong opportunity in continuing to support filmmakers who wish to shoot on film and now find it difficult as a result of services being withdrawn from the major photochemical film laboratories.  He commented ‘The addition of this operation is an essential stage in our European strategy.  We can now provide a Europe-wide high quality, reliable film service.  The London business is staffed by an excellent team of people who care about their clients and we are looking forward to establishing the Cinelab name as a centre of excellence for everyone passionate about film.’ Currently the operation provides colour and B&W negative and print processing. Immediate priorities will be to increase capacity and develop both film and digital dailies services offerings and on-location services.  The operation will continue to support film, commercial and television clients as well as content owners who wish to preserve and restore their film and media archives.

David Buck, owner for 37 says ‘I’m very proud of the business my team and I have built up over the years. The acquisition of BMS by Cinelabs will continue to develop and extend the services that we currently offer to the industry. This is welcome news for a community passionate about film who should have comfort that Cinelab will be there to service requirements for as long as there is demand”

Bucks Media Services rebrands with immediate effect as Cinelab London.

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