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Thank you for considering Cinelab London. We aim to provide the best and most efficient service. Please review, download and share information on this page that might be useful.

Contact Details

Have you done business with Cinelab London before?

If not please download the Cinelab London new client form and send to

Payment terms.

Please enquire on payment terms. We accept payment by bank transfer, debit/credit* card, or cash. Details of bank payments can be provided upon request, with proforma invoice.  (*We have to pass on the credit card company surcharge of 2.5% for each card transaction)

Terms and Conditions – Download Cinelab London Terms & Conditions 2014

Out of Hours Drop Off.

There are very few hours in a week that the building isn’t occupied, If you plan to drop off negative/s please call and enquire if you need to notify the courier of the following out of hours drop-off point.

Download Cinelab London out of hours Film drop off options

Marketing and publicity.

Cinelab London Film cans

Can we help you publicise and market your project?

We’d like to demonstrate the excellent standard of work that our customers bring to us? If you are happy for us to use your work on our website and for promotional purposes please fill out the following permission form.

Download Cinelab London Publicity permission form

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Shooting on Film?

Do you need a camera negative report sheet, for recording details of your shoot?

Camera Negative Report – please print this form and fill out by hand on the shoot then send in with the exposed negative.

Download Cinelab London Camera Negative Report sheet

Telecine transfer request form.

Please fill as much of this form as possible to help provide the correct product for later post production processes.

Download Telecine Transfer Check list

When you’ve completed the form, please return it to your sales contact or the Telecine department,